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Benefit from 3Roam's cumulated experience over a worldwide base of installed networks. Don't repeat other people mistakes and capitalise on a manufacturer's experience.

Since no one knows our products better...

Ever experienced your integrator and manufacturer passing the blame to each other when troubles arise? By combining the functions of manufacturing & integration, 3Roam ensures:

  • on time and on cost deployment.
  • guaranteed equipment and network performance.
  • rapid turnaround for any customer's issues and queries.
First hand assistance on your projects design and deployment

Turnkey Network Solutions

From initial design, through complex radio engineering and installation, we take you faster to your next generation applications.

In addition to the manufacturing of state-of-the-art wireless transmission products, we design and build complete network solutions tailored to your requirements.

With years of experience across the globe, assisting customers deploying our equipments, we have built up our expertise in the field to provide and integrate complete telecommunication solutions.

Might it be a single link installation or the design of a complex backhaul solution, you can benefit from 3Roam's cumulated experience in some of the earth toughest transmission environments.

Discover below more details about 3Roam Professional Services and see how we provide a complete set of expertise ensure best experience with your wireless network through:

  • Careful capacity planning and architecture selection
  • Field-proven radio planning
  • Assistance with regulatory authorities
  • High-quality installation with experienced teams in wireless deployment
  • Project hand-off through high-quality training
Network Design and Capacity Planning
wireless network design services

Based on your capacity requirements, we help define the best network architecture with your choice of traffic protection vs costs trade-off.

Every situation requires a fine grain analysis of traffic capacity estimation, traffic protection requirement, ratio of high-priority trafic versus low-priority applications: every network is different.

With years of experience in network design, we gather your requirements and tailor a network topography for each situation.

  • Ensuring best data protection...

    IP networks do provide a lot of flexibility with regards to architecture and network protection capabilities compared to legacy TDM protocols.

    We provide protection options at any critical step of your network. Based on this, we ensure guaranteed quality of service at application level by providing detailed estimations of switching time between primary and alternative paths.

  • ... while optimising overall deployment cost

    Protection comes at a cost. Therefore we design your network not only with your technical requirements in mind, but do keep a constant view on any decision's financial impact in both equipment, spectrum and installation cost.

  • Here is a preliminary study for a customer's network presenting topology options and related cost: professional services: network capacity planning
RF Planning and Feasibility Report
radio planning for complex point-to-point wireless microwave linksLine of sight issue over a long distance link identified by 3Roam radio planning team, prior to a customer deployment

We'll secure your project feasibility, providing accurate line of sight reports, link performance estimation and infrastructure costs.

With the latest technology evolution, point-to-point wireless infrastructure has become an easy, fast and cost effective way of deploying a network.

Planning a wireless network still requires some background work that guarantees your network performance, though. For example, since point-to-point technology requires line of sight between the two sites to be connected, line of sight analysis still remains an essential part of the project set-up.

As preparation is essential, 3Roam provides RF planning services and assistance to the team on the ground:

  • Line of sight analysis:
    checking line of sight can be relatively easy for short distance links but can be tricky and expensive in some geographies. For links running beyond the horizon or in some remote areas, performing preliminary background checks is your assurance for trouble-free deployment and antenna alignment.
    This graph shows an example of a line-of-sight analysis report performed by 3Roam. That analysis, very early in the project, prevented the customer from deploying a link whose performance would have been severely impacted by the geography.

  • Link performance estimation:
    we use professional radio planning tools taking into account all equipment and local parameters to ensure maximum performance of your network. Whether in equatorial areas, interconnection running over desert or over-the-water links, our customers benefit from the experience of a design team managing projects worldwide.

  • Antenna size optimisation:
    sizing an antenna has a direct impact on a link performance and availability, hardware and shipment cost. Therefore we ensure maximum performance to our customers while keeping antennas size at a minimum.

License Acquisition Assistance
computing safety area around microwave antennasSafety area around a 23GHz 30cm antenna

Licensed bands provide guaranteed peace of mind for your wireless connections: national regulators ensure interference-free operation through controlled frequency allocation.

Accurate prediction of license costs is critical to keeping your projects under budget. To this end, 3Roam provides the following services:

  • License request services:
    interfacing with your local regulator, providing all required technical information with regards to 3Roam transmission products and antennas as well as completing local license declarations.
    Example of a license request form from a telecommunication authority: telecommunication authority license request form
  • Safety guidelines for operation in sensitive areas:
    when deploying links close to sensitive public locations (e.g. schools, hospitals), some regulator require safety analysis to ensure deployments are free of any risk related to exposure to electromagnetic fields. For all our antennes, we provide safety area diagrams for maximum field exposure level based on your local regulation. See our example of a safety area around a 3Roam antenna.

  • License cost optimisation:
    we provide detailed economic simulations to maximise network capacity & uptime while lowering spectrum costs. We have experience with a variety of national regulators. Based on these local regulations and tariffs, we help you balance hardware costs (CAPEX) vs license costs (OPEX) for a given network capacity requirement. See some examples below.

    Example of computing rules for license bands costs in different countries:
    United Arab Emirates: licensed bands tarifs example UAE          France: licensed bands tarifs example France
Training your Workforce
training on microwave networks
Whether planning to install 3Roam products by yourself, or preparing the operation of a 3Roam deployed network, your workforce migh need to get up-to-speed with our equipment. Our qualified personnel provides high-standards training possibilities on different aspects of wireless and IP technologies and implementation.

  • Get to know 3Roam products

    getting to know our products, how to install, operate or troubleshoot your network, you will learn from the basics up to the advanced set-up and configuration options of our transmission equipments.

  • Get up to speed on wireless and IP networks

    should some of your personnel require their knowledge to be refreshed or expanded to grasp the refinements of wireless deployments or IP network design and operation, we also provide more generic trainings to take the advantage of a specific project to increase your workforce expertise.

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