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Microwave security and surveillance

Microwave solutions for Digital Security, Surveillance and Public Safety

  • Backhaul connectivity for secured applications
  • Full IP, high bandwidth for high definition video
  • Availability of 99.999% above sea, desert and ground
  • Turnkey solution for peace of mind and SLA

Connect your critical sites with 3Roam secured wireless solutions

3Roam products enable high speed wireless connectivity for all kind of surveillance and public safety missions:

  • Digital security and surveillance: video surveillance of buildings, seashore surveillance via radar, border control...
  • Public safety communication systems: fire brigades, police, rescue teams...

Any of the use cases mentioned above, requires secured solutions which are proven, stable, resilient and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any disruption, even for a short period of time, costs the customer a substantial prejudice. 3Roam solutions have been engineered to fit the various customer requirements for distance and 99.999% availability, even in the most hostile environments.

To provide the best solutions to Ministries of Defense, Ministries of Industry, Police departments, Fire and Rescue Services or Municipalities, 3Roam is working closely with large system integrators and specialized video companies to develop products and solutions which fit with the high availability requirements of end customers.

3Roam enables its customers for peace of mind and long term investment in future-proof IP technologies. 3Roam and its partners are highly trained and qualified to deliver and support end-to-end telecoms services, in particular with extremely stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Digital Security and Surveillance

Thanks to its large range of products and its technology partner's products, 3Roam provides solutions for all connectivity requirements in the surveillance domain. From video to radar surveillance, 3Roam offers wireless and wired solutions to control the environment in difficult areas.

Critical microwave transmission Transmission systems for monitoring and recording critical video and data

Infrastructure protection, terrorist attacks prevention, public order policing and intelligence gathering require transmission solutions using a combination of non-line of sight and line of sight solutions. 3Roam provide the backbone of those solutions by carrying data from local aggregation devices (Wifi access points, COFDM routers...) to the Network Operation Center with high availability, guaranteed quality of service and multicast capabilities.

Wireless video surveillance Wireless backbone for high definition video surveillance

3Roam provides full IP, high bandwidth, multi-hops backhaul, to connect all remote aggregation points of cameras to the core network. With enhanced security, multicast options and industrial class reliability, 3Roam's wireless solutions enable easy roll out of video surveillance networks even in the most difficult areas on the planet.

Microwave for radar surveillance Wireless connectivity for Perimeter Surveillance Radar (PSR)

Because critical infrastructure areas need to be monitored on a 24 hours, 7 by 7, 3Roam products have been chosen by the leading players in radar surveillance for monitoring activity around key sites: airport, harbors, military installations and national borders. 3Roam products deliver high bandwidth, low latency as required by mission critical applications and can be easily deployed in all climates.

Public Safety

Together with its technology partners, 3Roam is able to provide solutions for public safety networks, whether based on the TETRA standard or on its forthcoming evolutions towards 4G/LTE. 3Roam's products can be deployed with enhanced security, to provide full network redundancy.

Microwave for TETRA & PMR Wireless backhaul for Private Mobile Radio (PMR)

Most of public safety networks are deployed using Private Mobile Radios based on the TETRA standard. TETRA base stations are usually interconnected via a secured IP based network which 3Roam's products can provide, including encryption and link protection. Low latency enables crystal clear voice calls and high bandwidth makes high quality video transmission possible, even in the toughest environment. 3Roam's products are also suitable for TDM networks as they offer the connectivity requirements to move to full IP networks.
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