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Microwave for private networks

Private Networks microwave solutions for a full range of services

  • LAN, VoIP, video-surveillance and collaborative applications
  • High bandwidth between buildings
  • Availability of 99.999% for critical services
  • Turnkey solutions for guaranteed interoperability

Connect your remote sites with 3Roam's low latency and feature-rich solutions

Private networks are being deployed and used by a number of entities who want to be autonomous and not depend on a third party to manage and maintain their network. Reasons might be linked to costs, confidentiality or security, or running dedicated applications with stringent performance requirements.

Private networks can be encountered in various sectors:

  • Enterprises (SMEs to big corporates) for extensions of their LAN/WAN infrastructure
  • Hospitals to connect and transfer high resolution images between remote buildings
  • Education to establish campus networks (universities, schools...) and provide wireless access to staff and students
  • Utility companies to set up their own dedicated high speed and robust infrastructure (electrical, water, wind mills, power stations...)
  • Transportation companies with multiple sites (freight) or large infrastructure (railways...) to control and monitor in real time their vital nodes
  • Financial institutions with remote offices/ branches (banks, trading floors...) to exchange critical data in the quickest way

3Roam's products connect remote sites to enable a seamless IT infrastructure for all the enterprise needs:

  • High speed data for all critical applications
  • Video-surveillance with high definition cameras
  • Voice over IP for optimized voice network
  • Real time collaborative work processes (low latency)

Any of the use cases mentioned above, requires secured solutions which are proven, stable, resilient and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any disruption, even for a short period of time, costs the customer a substantial prejudice. 3Roam solutions have been engineered to fit the various customer requirements for distance and 99.999% availability, even in the most hostile environments.

To provide the best solutions to enterprises, 3Roam is working closely with system integrators to answer customer specific requirements in terms of functionality, price-performance and speed of deployment. 3Roam partners for enterprises include companies manufacturing switching and routing gear, IPBX and VoIP telephones, video cameras or any specific IT equipment which needs to be closely integrated with the wireless infrastructure.

Information Technology

3Roam provides turnkey solutions for all wireless connectivity requirements in the IT area, from low to high capacity and from short range to long range.
Microwave for critical services

High speed data

Enterprises are deploying gigabit class switches and routers in their infrastructure to cope with the increase of traffic due to demanding applications. However, high speed fixed line services are either not available or too slow or extremely expensive to connect enterprises to the outside world. 3Roam's products can connect any remote branch, starting from 20 Mbps to over 1 Gbps depending on each site requirements. 3Roam's AERO range of products can be monitored with 3View management system to see any critical alarm for enhanced security.
VOIP microwave network

Voice over IP

VoIP has become the de-facto standard for new telecommunication infrastructures rolled out in the enterprise. The VoIP network needs to be deployed seamlessly with 3Roam microwave products to ensure full functionality and interoperability. 3Roam has been carefully selecting VoIP products to ensure its customers speed of deployment and long term piece of mind.
Mission critical video-surveillance

Video surveillance

Enterprise security is key to protect the company assets. 3Roam's products make high definition video surveillance possible through high bandwidth links back to the network operating center with close to zero downtime, even if sites are far away or only reachable through several hops.
Low latency microwave

Real time collaborative work

Current applications such as videoconferencing or distance learning require very low latency to enable staff to work efficiently, even if located on remote sites. 3Roam's products enable high speed connectivity between sites, with minimum latency, even if several hops are necessary between the employee/student location and the central data center.
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