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Microwave operators

Microwave solutions for Internet Service Providers and Operators

  • Last mile connectivity
  • High availability backhaul (five 9's)
  • Multigigabit capacity
  • Robust trunking

Access and backhaul solutions for trunking, 4G/LTE, Digital TV and high speed Internet

With 3Roam's products, any remote station can be connected through high speed wireless, whatever the distance:

  • Short range and very high capacity
  • Medium hops and mid-range bandwidth
  • Long distance and multigigabit requirements

Any of the use cases mentioned above, requires secured solutions which are proven, stable, resilient and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any disruption, even for a short period of time, costs the customer a substantial prejudice. 3Roam solutions have been engineered to fit the various customer requirements for distance and 99.999% availability, even in the most hostile environments.

3Roam's solutions can be used in various network topologies from single links in tree architectures to the most complex nodal configurations, to ensure the best network availability for access and backhaul. 3Roam's products can be used in full IP or hybrid (IP+SDH) configurations to protect customers' investments over the long term.

3Roam offers a range of products for full IP connectivity and legacy devices support (TDM) which provides bandwidth above the gigabit, carrier class functionalities and very high availability. Such products and solutions have been used by:

  • 4G/LTE mobile operators
  • Internet Service Providers
  • FM and TV broadcast operators
  • Wholesale operators
  • Digital divide / rural areas operators
2G/3G/4G backhaul

4G/LTE Mobile Operators

For 4G/LTE mobile operators, the increase of data traffic in the network requires upgrading the access and backhaul networks respectively to gigabit and multigigabit capacity while maintaining legacy base stations for 2G and 3G services. 3Roam's products provide full IP, high bandwidth, multi-hops networks to connect remote base stations or aggregation nodes to the core network. With low latency, advanced network configurations and carrier class reliability, 3Roam's microwave solutions are easily rolled out in the LTE network and are proven to operate with the leading LTE equipment providers.
Broadcast backhaul

Broadcast Operators

Broadcast Operators are migrating to digital FM / TV to offer their customers high resolution audio, video on demand and TV channels. As such analog transmission networks need to be converted to full IP to follow the evolution of the industry. 3Roam's range of products, by minimizing packet loss and jitter offer, this migration capability, while not comprising on the quality of the signal sent, to give end users the best quality audio or image.
Internet Service Providers backhaul

Internet Service Providers

Internet Service Providers business model relies on deploying networks fairly quickly at the most economical cost. Fiber is rarely a good alternative because of its scarcity or its high cost. For backhauling clusters of access points over medium and long distances, 3Roam's AERO and AERO Duo products are the best choice to benefit from high power transmission and best availability in the most difficult conditions.
Microwave trunking

Wholesale Operators

As the telecommunications industry consolidates, wholesale operators are strengthening their offering to provide very high capacity bandwidth to other carriers to leverage their expensive infrastructure. Such services require a highly available network that can be served by 3Roam's carrier grade products in all weather conditions.
Rural Internet Access

Digital divide / rural areas Operators

Rural areas tend to be left apart by operators because they are remote from the infrastructure in place. To provide high bandwidth services to those areas requires dedicated operators who operate on specific business models and are usually partially subsidized. 3Roam's microwave products can be easily and quickly deployed compared to traditional fiber in difficult environments, such as mountains, forests or deserts. In such conditions, CAPEX investment of a microwave solution is a no brainer compared to the cost of laying out fiber.
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