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Microwave for Oil and Gas

Mission critical Oil and Gas microwave solutions

  • Backhaul connectivity for offshore & onshore
  • Full IP, high bandwidth for Digital Oil Field
  • Availability of 99.999% above sea
  • Turnkey solution for peace of mind and SLA

Run and secure your critical sites with 3Roam robust Oil and Gas wireless connections

3Roam's products enable high speed wireless connectivity for the Digital Oil Field to transmit all mission critical information necessary to operate and protect offshore and onshore premises:

  • SCADA information flow (telemetry, access and control...)
  • Video-surveillance traffic (high definition cameras)
  • Radar information data
  • Crew Internet data traffic (high speed communications)
  • Real time collaborative work processes (low latency)

Any of the use cases mentioned above, requires secured solutions which are proven, stable, resilient and operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. Any disruption, even for a short period of time, costs the customer a substantial prejudice. 3Roam solutions have been engineered to fit the various customer requirements for distance and 99.999% availability, even in the most hostile environments.

3Roam Field Telecommunication (FT) technologies are full IP based; they provide backhaul connectivity between sites to remotely monitor and manage exploration, development and production activities, in particular:

  • Offshore connectivity over the sea between platforms, going from short distance links to long distance hops with space diversity
  • Onshore connectivity between sites with high capacity and low latency traffic for collaborative work between engineers

To provide the best solutions to International and National Oil Companies, 3Roam is working closely with Engineering Procurement and Construction Companies to develop products and solutions which fit with all the Oil and Gas technical and standard requirements.

3Roam enables its customers for peace of mind and long term investment in future-proof IP technologies. 3Roam and its partners are highly trained and qualified to deliver and support end-to-end telecoms services, in particular with extremely stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Digital Oil Field

Thanks to its large range of products and its technology partner's products, 3Roam provides turnkey solutions for all connectivity requirements in the Digital Oil Field. From low capacity to high capacity needs, from M2M to high speed connectivity, from switched to routed networks, 3Roam offers wireless and wired solutions to comply with NEC, IEC and ATEX requirements in Class 1, Zone 1 or Zone 2 environments.

Microwave for data acquisition and transmission Data acquisition and transmission

Monitoring a remote platform requires gathering various data (SCADA, Distributed Control System, Emergency Shutdown System, Fire & Gas System) in real time and send them through a secured and fully available network over the sea. 3Roam's products give peace of mind to the operations team by providing 99.999% availability at optimized deployment costs.

Microwave offshore backhaul Backhaul

3Roam provides full IP, high bandwidth, multi-hops backhaul, to connect all remote sites (offshore/onshore) on short and long distance with low latency. Through one single wireless pipe, customers can carry all their data, voice and SCADA traffic, minimizing total cost of ownership. All sites can be monitored with 3View management system to see any critical alarm for enhanced security.
Microwave FPSO and FRSU

Ship to shore communication

3Roam's products enable up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth for ship to shore communications, even in hostile environment, making staff operations very efficient and night life more entertaining when away from family and friends. To address a range of offshore ship configurations, 3Roam has developed some smart approaches, making 3Roam's solutions the best fit to customers' requirements.

Radar monitoring and video surveillance

Offshore platform video surveillance
With the current geopolitics uncertainty, security is key for all field operations, particularly if they are unmanned sites. 3Roam products make high definition video surveillance or radar monitoring possible through high bandwidth links back to the network operating center with close to zero downtime, even if sites are long distance or only reachable through several hops.

Microwave low latency Collaborative Work

Current applications require very low latency to enable staff to work efficiently, even if located on remote sites. 3Roam products enable high speed connectivity between sites, with minimum latency, even if several hops are necessary between the employee location and the central data center.
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