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Feb.27 2015
3Roam's AERO HCR delivers 1.7 gigabits for mobile operators supporting LTE Advanced.

Oct.12 2014
3Roam provide microwave solutions in harsh conditions for the Middle East and Africa.

Sep.23 2014
3Roam brings to Malaysia its 7 GHz explosion proof microwave solution for the Oil and Gas industry.

Feb.11 2013
3Roam enabled backhaul networks guarantee the quality of communications for Voice over LTE

May. 27 2012
Wireless infrastructure for Nigerian top oil and gas company.

Apr. 5 2012
3Roam provides backhaul for the 4G/LTE platform in Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur (France).

Feb. 27 2012
3Roam announces high density Small-Cell backhaul solution, allowing 30% radio spectrum cost savings.

Feb. 14 2011
3Roam presents AERO®, the high-power full outdoor microwave carrier switch, for evolving Operators networks towards 4G and LTE.

Nov. 08 2010
3Roam makes carrier-class Gigabit wireless backhaul affordable for Internet Service Providers, WiMAX Operators and Private Networks.

Feb. 15 2010
3Roam introduces first Entry Level Ethernet Wireless Backhaul Starter Kit.

Feb. 5 2010
3Roam announces general availability of its WLS500 wireless node for packet backhaul networks and first deployment with Internet Service Provider LinkPlus in Bulgaria.
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