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3Roam provides Wireless Infrastructure for the Oil & Gas Industry in Nigeria.
Lagos, Nigeria; Sophia-Antipolis, France, May the 27th 2012 - One of the world's leading manufacturers of petrochemicals and the third-largest oil producer in Nigeria relies on 3Roam products for the wireless transport of business-critical communications across different facilities in the country.

3Roam, the manufacturer of wireless transmission equipment, ensures robust communications and uninterrupted service with its AERO transmission equipment.
Thanks to 3Roam's experience in both radio and networking, AERO provides robust transmissions as well as advanced networking capabilities to integrate seamlessly into its customer's advanced all-IP network.

AERO is 3Roam's full-outdoor point-to-point microwave product. It is the first equipment of its kind to integrate both a radio and a powerful Gigabit switch.
This high level of integration helps reduce installation time and cost, simplify connectivity, while lowering the number of potential points of failure in our customer's network.

Unotelos, 3Roam's Partner in Nigeria and Ghana,was responsible for the systems integration for this project and provided product expertise, local support and training to its customers.

These deployments in Nigeria are just another example of AERO's robustness to high-humidity and heat, following-up a series of deployments in some of the hottest places on the planet throughout the Middle-East.

Even in adverse weather conditions, AERO provides record link uptime, through dual radio protection overlays. Both an adaptive modulation mechanism and an adaptive coding algorithm increase the radio robustness when transmission environment degrades to maximize network uptime and traffic protection.

AERO is available in most licensed bands from 7GHz to 38GHz and provides capacity from 10Mbps to 400Mbps.

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About Unotelos
UnoTelos Ltd, a multi-systems integration company, delivers high-quality wireless connectivity, advanced technology solutions and services that enable organizations to interconnect, operate and manage their IT environments. Focus areas include Gigabit-class wireless connectivity, IT solutions provision and management and automated network management. Founded in 2005, UnoTelos is based in Lagos, Nigeria.

About 3Roam®
Based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 3Roam is a leading innovator in advanced networking for high-capacity wireless IP backhaul. 3Roam provides a complete portfolio of microwave transmission products enabling Gigabit-class wireless point-to-point interconnections for the Oil and Gas Industry, Service Providers and Private Networks. 3Roam's products provide advanced Ethernet and IP functionalities required in today's evolving IP networks in the interference free licensed bands from 4 GHz to 80 GHz.

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