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3Roam introduces first Entry Level Ethernet Wireless Backhaul Starter Kit.

Barcelona, February 15, 2010 - 3Roam, the pioneer of advanced networking solutions for wireless backhaul in the licensed bands announces today the availability of its Starter Kit for the fast, easy and cost optimized deployment of entry level wireless Ethernet backhaul.

3Roam's integrated offering enables network integrators and resellers to quickly grasp the deployment of Ethernet based microwave links and propose turnkey solutions to WiMAX operators, Internet Service Providers, Municipalities and Enterprises. The Starter Kit is aimed at facilitating the upgrade of existing unlicensed spectrum backhaul links to more robust and scalable licensed spectrum systems. While providing superior performance and functionality, the entry-level Starter Kit ensures the total cost of ownership of unlicensed spectrum solutions.

3Roam's Starter Kit is centered around its entry level, high-capacity Ethernet microwave system, the WLS 100 and is composed of:

  • A complete entry level Ethernet link, offering a base speed of 100 Mbps, and software upgradable to 400 Mbps
  • Integrated full Ethernet switching capabilities and advanced Layer2 QoS management
  • A complete training program for fast and easy setup of WLS100 links and the essentials of packet networks management over microwave links
  • A free license of 3Link, the professional link budget calculation tool
  • Dedicated co-op funds, available to certified partners to quickly develop business with 3Roam products
  • Pre-sales support in the field, and joint marketing activities.

"We often see resellers of networking products and unlicensed spectrum wireless systems facing difficulties when it comes to deploying licensed-spectrum microwave links combined with advanced networking capabilities" said Jean-Paul Deschamps, President and CEO of 3Roam. "With this Starter Kit, we enable 3Roam Partners to quickly deploy Ethernet microwave links and grow their business significantly. Our WLS100 entry level Ethernet product together with its key tools and services make it easier for integrators and resellers to transition to advanced microwave solutions".

A fast and reliable packet backhaul is becoming a key requirement for customers who have deployed unlicensed links and face many problems with bandwidth and reliability of their networks. The WLS100 is well suited to solve these issues and ensure good voice, video and data quality over the air.

About LinkPlus
Based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, LinkPlus (www.linkplusbg.com) is a regional Internet Service Provider offering leased transmission lines, VPN, MAN services and residential triple-play services to customers in and around the largest cities in Bulgaria.
LinkPlus has been selected as a preferred partner by the largest national carriers in Bulgaria and is the only local company authorized to deliver on shared-revenue basis residential IPTV services of the first national cellular operator Mobiltel.

About 3Roam®
Based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 3Roam is a leading innovator in advanced networking for high-capacity wireless IP backhaul. 3Roam provides a complete portfolio of microwave transmission products enabling Gigabit-class wireless point-to-point interconnections for the Oil and Gas Industry, Service Providers and Private Networks. 3Roam's products provide advanced Ethernet and IP functionalities required in today's evolving IP networks in the interference free licensed bands from 4 GHz to 80 GHz.

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