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3Roam enabled backhaul networks guarantee the quality of communications for Voice over LTE.

Sophia-Antipolis, France, February 11th 2013 - 3Roam, advanced networking solutions provider for high capacity wireless links, demonstrates within the Com4Innov™ 4G / LTE platform deployed in southern France, that its transport solutions provide the performance required for the transport of voice over LTE. The Com4Innov platform is a platform for fourth generation mobile networks (LTE) for which 3Roam provides the backhaul solution (wireless IP links between eNodes B and ePC provided by Ericsson). As part of the LTE standard, Voice over LTE enables high-quality voice communications requiring a flawless transportation network. The 3Roam products offer very high bandwidth to fully enjoy 4G, with extremely fast delivery of voice and data communications.

"With Com4Innov, we demonstrate the ability of 3Roam products to meet the demand of mobile operators for advanced services, while ensuring the transport of voice, which remains the heart of their business," said Jean-Paul Deschamps, 3Roam CEO. "The experiments conducted within the platform have been successful, for Voice over LTE as well as for IMS services, which once again demonstrates the relevance of 3Roam 4G / LTE transport solutions. We will go even further in the coming months by launching our new generation of radio links having more than 1 Gigabit per second. "

3Roam, which has already announced AERO® Duo with its 1024QAM reconfigurable modem, is positioned as a provider of innovative backhaul solutions for the deployment of 4G / LTE networks. The new AERO Duo product range enables wireless Ethernet deployments. The AERO Duo products achieve 1 Gigabits per second over a radio link, providing a complement to the deployment of optical fiber.

Com4Innov allows users to validate end to end 4G LTE solutions or applications in an operational network.

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Based in Sophia-Antipolis, France, 3Roam is a leading innovator in advanced networking for high-capacity wireless IP backhaul. 3Roam provides a complete portfolio of microwave transmission products enabling Gigabit-class wireless point-to-point interconnections for the Oil and Gas Industry, Service Providers and Private Networks. 3Roam's products provide advanced Ethernet and IP functionalities required in today's evolving IP networks in the interference free licensed bands from 4 GHz to 80 GHz.

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