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AERO Ultra

Scale your network to Gigabit through 80 Ghz millimeter waves

  • 4G LTE mobile networks
  • Small cells backhaul
  • Fiber extensions or back-up
  • Government video-surveillance
  • LAN to LAN enterprise
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E-band solution for small cells backhaul

  • E-Band frequency range from 71 to 76 GHz & 81 to 86 GHz
  • High availability with outstanding RF performance for long distance links and choice of 30 or 60 cm antennas
  • Carrier class gigabit backhaul for short distance with up to 1 Gbps full-duplex through software capacity upgrades
  • All possible configurations made available: 1+0, 2+0, 1+1 for mission critical networks, with support of 2 x SFP and 1 x RJ45 ports
  • All carrier grade features supported from day one: SyncE, 1588V2, QoS, VLANS, Q in Q, RSP, ERPS,... and encryption can be enabled where security matters
AERO Ultra: E-band solution for small cells backhaul

Benefit from 3Roam's network design and license cost optimization services

3Roam provides a range of services at every stage of your project to

  • Secure the feasibility of your deployment
    Get line of sight clearance before conducting your site survey

  • Get expert advise on your plans
    Since we will tailor a solution based on our equipments

  • Lower your license costs
    We provide planning services to minimize total cost per Mbps

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AERO Ultra: the choice for short range, high bandwidth carrier backhaul

It allows for large savings on your site set-up, by:

  • Benefiting from a small footprint for minimum space renting costs on telecom roofs and towers
  • Using its fully featured Gigabit switch instead of a costly external switch and cabinet
  • Integrating all functions required for mobile backhaul in one single device, reducing overall cost of ownership
In addition to these benefits, we provide competitive pricing to help you grow your network with 3Roam

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Best in class for distance and availability

Best in class RF Power

  • Fine-tuned RF designed stage with dedicated components
  • BPSK modulation to achieve improved link budget compared to competitive solutions

Advanced networking capabilities

Advanced networking capabilities: Spanning Tree Protocol & Ring Protection Switching

AERO Ultra includes 3Roam's link protection techniques for increased network availability while avoiding Ethernet loops:

  • Protection via Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), enabling automatic network reconfiguration when one microwave link comes down.
  • Protection via Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS), for improved link switching performance in a carrier network. 3Roam's ERPS is based on ITU-T G.8032 protocol for easy interoperability with carriers' backbone networks.

Because carrier networks require seamless connectivity, 3Roam Ultra provides sub 50 millisecond switching time. This enables 3Roam's customers to run fault tolerant, resilient networks for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Clock synchronization

Moving from TDM to a packet based network, requires synchronization techniques.

AERO Ultra includes all synchronization capabilities required in a 4G/LTE FDD or TDD mobile operator network:

  • Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) which is a physical layer technology used for frequency reference in LTE FDD networks. This technique requires that all Ethernet Network Elements involved support SyncE.
  • 1588 Version 2 or Precision Timing Protocol (PTP), standardized by the IEEE and adopted by the ITU-T for deployment in telecoms network. IEEE 1588v2 delivers time from which both phase and frequency can be derived, needed in LTE TDD networks. It can be deployed with legacy Ethernet Network Elements.
Security: AES encryption

AES encryption

In a world where security matters, AERO Ultra is protected against hackers with:

  • AES (advanced encryption standard) encryption on the link for data security with no additional hardware. This enables operators to deploy secured microwave networks while minimizing the total cost of ownership.
  • SNMP Version 3 support for access security, to protect the network monitoring and management traffic through secured user authentication.
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