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Full outdoor 3GHz and 5GHz frequencies

  • Point-to-point (PtP) or point-to-multipoint (PtMP)
  • Up to 480Mbps in 40MHz
  • Up to 1024QAM
  • Fully featured layer 2/3 switching capabilities
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Deploy a reliable sub 6 GHz PTP or PMP network

Our range of products offer unique and powerful routing and switching capabilities, enabling optimised network design, along with high reliability, scalability and unsurpassed robustness, whether you are deploying a standalone PTP connection or a comprehensive wireless architecture.

  • Licensed and unlicensed frequencies
  • Point-to-point capacity up to 480 Mbps
  • Point-to-point range up to 100 km in line-of-sight
  • PtP, PtMP and MESH topology for full IP networks
  • Range of sector antennas (60/90/120°)
AERO MP: Deploy a reliable sub 6 GHz PTP or PMP network

Benefit from 3Roam's network design and license cost optimization services

3Roam provides a range of services at every stage of your project to

  • Secure the feasibility of your deployment
    Get line of sight clearance before conducting your site survey
  • Get expert advise on your plans
    Since we will tailor a solution based on our equipments
  • Lower your license costs
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Discover the multiple use cases enabled by AERO MP

3Roam's AERO MP can be leveraged in various applications:

  • Oil & Gas platforms for SCADA, surveillance, voice and data interconnections
  • Vessels and ship to shore connectivity
  • LAN or WAN corporate networks
  • Mobile or ISP networks for last mile backhauling
  • Operators/private networks for fiber optics back up
  • Long range rural connectivity in license exempt bands

AERO MP is the solution for optimized cost deployment

It allows savings by:

  • Leveraging license exempt frequency bands to save on TRA costs
  • Benefiting from a small footprint for minimum space renting costs on telecom roofs and towers (integrated antenna)
  • Using its fully featured Gigabit switch/router instead of a costly external switch

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Advanced Modem Technology

  • MIMO2x2 based on OFDM technology for LOS, nLOS and NLOS
  • Instant DFS using 2 modems for non-stop communication
  • Advanced spectrum analysis tool
  • Uplink/downlink bandwidth allocation

Traffic Management & Networking

Best in class Traffic Management

  • Configurable uplink/downlink ratio
  • Bandwidth allocation
  • 16 priority queues
  • IEEE 802.1p support
  • IP TOS / DiffServ support
  • Full voice support
  • Traffic limiting (absolute, relative, mixed)
  • Traffic redirection

Fully featured Networking functions

  • ARP protocol support
  • MAC/IP filtering
  • Fully-fledged Layer 2 switch
  • RIPv2 / OSPFv2 /static routing
  • Tunneling (Ethernet-over-IP, IP-over-IP)
  • L2/L3 Firewall
  • NAT(multipool, H.323-aware)
  • DHCP client/server/relay

Fully flexible downlink/up link configuration

Traffic Management & Networking

Rugged Product

Rugged Product
  • Class 1 Division 2, Class 1 & Zone 1
  • ATEX
  • Strong Encryption
  • Die cast aluminium enclosures
  • Cable Glands built in Halogen-free Nylon, IP68



One can define multiple profiles into Subscriber Terminals to be able to connect to multiple Base Stations. A smooth handover is achieved through a proprietary routing protocol.

  • Connectivity between various locations and moving vehicles
  • Connectivity along roadways and underground backbones with moving devices
  • Broadband access from vessels to ports
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