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Full Outdoor High-Capacity Microwave

AERO is 3Roam's full-outdoor unit for the creation of wireless point-to-point links to interconnect IP networks.

High-Performance Connections
providing from 10Mbps to 400Mbps over 1km up to +80km distance.

Low Installation Costs
the first outdoor product designed for 100% outdoor sites, where competing products require indoor switches, cabinets and expensive rental space.

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Get the latest in All-Outdoor packet microwave technology

  • Operating in the protected bands from 6GHz to 38GHz
    Provides interference-free operation even in WiFi-crowded areas

  • True hitless Adaptive Coding & Modulation
    No downtime, no packet loss and higher link availability

  • Industry's highest transmission power among All-Outdoor equipments
    Means better link budgets, higher uptime while using smaller antennas

  • Integrated Gigabit switch with 2x Ethernet ports for ring or relay site configuration
    Allows for the creation of 100% outdoor transmission sites

AERO powers Greenisis Network in Bahrain under extreme heat and humidity conditions

Greenisis is the first operator to provide a green Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) in Bahrain and is pioneering operations in the GSM guard bands.

With AERO, 3Roam was able to provide a 100% outdoor network set-up thanks to AERO's integrated Gigabit switch, combining on the roof-tops of Bahrain the traffic of each base-station with the traffic backhauled from the all other remote locations.

AERO has also been offering first-class network uptime even though Bahrain's climatic conditions are one of the most difficult transmission environments on earth (up to 50°C, 90% humidity and heavy sand winds). Furthermore, due to Bahrain's congested spectrum, the entire backhaul network has to operate in the least favorable 38GHz bands.

George El-Aily, CEO of Greenisis explains why he selected AERO:
"We are very satisfied with 3Roam's products quality and the superior network uptime they provide. AERO's Gigabit switch really made a difference, speeding-up our deployment and keeping our rental costs very low.”.

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Benefit from 3Roam network design and license cost optimization services

  • Secure the feasibility of your deployment
    Get line of sight clearance before conducting your site survey

  • Get expert advise on your plans
    Since we will tailor a solution based on our equipments

  • Lower your license costs
    We provide planning services to minimize total cost per Mbps

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What you see is what you get

3Roam equipment performance policy
While more competitors claim unrealistic link throughputs, we believe in transparency and are proud to share our equipments' performances.

Best in class radio and header compression
Since licensed bands come at a cost, we help minimize cost per Mbps by:

  • providing best in class modem technology, enabling superior spectral efficiency and maximum radio usage

  • removing unnecessary packet information through header compression

Header compression basics
AERO's header compression technique helps increase packet capacity of the link even beyond the maximum radio capacity: shrinking packets while they are transported over the air helps increase capacity from 366Mbps (radio capacity) up to 425Mbps.

As packets have different size (from 64 to 9200 Bytes), header compression's effect varies depending on actual traffic type. But capacity achieved for typical Internet traffic averages 395Mbps.

The graph shows you exactly the capacity you will get from an AERO link, depending on packet size.

More details on header compression
AERO high-level specification

Receiver Sensitivity (dBm)

Maximum Transmit Power (dBm)

We provide competitive pricing

AERO allows for large savings on your site set-up, by:

  • Eliminating the need for indoor units

  • Using its integrated Gigabit switch instead of a costly external switch and cabinet

  • Allowing for smaller antennas, thanks to its high power radio

  • Reducing overall rental costs

In addition to these benefits, we provide competitive pricing to help you get started with 3Roam

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AERO's Gigabit switch enables 100% full-outdoor sites
and cut deployment costs.

Through their Gigabit switch, AERO units connect directly to each other at the top of the mast to create 100% outdoor relay or nodal sites.

AERO provides the easiest and quickest way to set-up relay or nodal sites to create links to 2, 3, 4 or more directions.

3Roam's AERO helps you cut overall site costs, by removing the need for any external active equipment such as indoor switch, air-conditioned cabinets as well as drastically cutting maintenance expenses.

Although some competitors propose full-outdoor products, as soon as more than one unit is deployed on a transmission site, the cost of deploying these products increases rapidly. As long as packet switching capabilities is not provided inside transmission products, the total cost of deployment increases manyfold compared to the transmission equipments prices.

3Roam can show you how to decrease your overall site deployment cost and how AERO's switching capabilities make a difference.
More power for longer links & smaller antennas

Why compromise on link distance and availability when going outdoor?

AERO integrates 3Roam's high-power radios with up to 30 dBm power to handle most challenging radio configurations with ease. It provides from 6 to 12 dBm more power than other outdoor equipments.

Since 6 dBm difference means a 4x RF power increase, AERO makes it possible to reduce antenna size by at least one step. It drastically impacts hardware costs, but also significantly reduces rental costs of co-located sites.

This graph shows AERO's maximum radio power compared to a well-known competing full-outdoor product. Additional power gives also increased link stability and ensures best uptime for your network.
Robust radio with 3Roam Adaptive3 radio

1. Adaptive Power Control provides receive signal stability

2. Adaptive Coding increases data redundancy to protect transmission

3. Adaptive Modulation decreases modulation to protect connectivity

AERO's robust radio integrates Adaptive3 radio technology for maximal link availability and traffic protection.

Adaptive3 radio combines 3 levels of protection to adapt to ever-changing radio conditions:

  • Adaptive Power for optimum local (ATPC) and remote (RTPC) power management.

  • Adaptive Coding.

  • Adaptive Modulation.

Using those 3 techniques at the same time, AERO reconfigures its radio on-the-fly (hitless configuration) and maximizes link availability to guarantee the highest network uptime.

Top-priority traffic remains untouched, thanks to the combination of a 4 queue Quality of Service management system preventing loss of high-priority data.

Maximize spectrum usage with Header Compression
Several protocols are stacked on top of each other to ensure the seamless communications between applications and servers. While applications deal with resource intensive TCP or UDP protocols, heavy-lifting transmission equipment such as AERO interact at the Ethernet level.

Ethernet is today used for the fast and efficient transport of huge amount of information within a transport network.

AERO processes Ethernet frames and is capable of removing unecessary or unused information from each frame. This technique is called Header Compression. Thanks to Header Compression, a wireless connection using AERO is capable of transporting more traffic than the theoretical capacity of the radio link.

Of course, AERO's powerful packet processor is capable of performing this operation without altering nor slowing down Ethernet traffic.

Since Ethernet headers have a fixed length, compressing Ethernet headers does have more impact for shorter frames of 64, 128, 256 or 512 Bytes. Therefore the effect of Header compression is dependent of the type of traffic going through the link.

However, in case of typical Internet traffic, a majority of frames smaller than 512 Bytes is transported, showing an average link capacity of around 400Mbps.

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